OCHRE Database

The JCHP employs OCHRE (Online Cultural and Historical Research Environtment) as its project database. Designed by J. David and Sandra Schloen at the University of Chicago, this platform independent, internet database solution permits ongoing work by a team of specialists accessing the database from around the world (view the OCHRE Manual).

The database's first role is as an accessible repository for the data associated with the wide range of research projects under the auspices of the JCHP, whether current terrestrial or maritime excavations, historical documentations, past excavation records, and survey data (see Research). In addition to functioning as a type of item-based database, OCHRE also permits the incorporation of a wide range of media types, from text-based files to PDFs, video, 3D representations, and GIS data, among others. The nature of OCHRE's data management permits the data to be persistently available even if a project does not continue to fund its use of the software. Consequently, legacy data remains accessibl and searchable following the cessation of activities by a project.

OCHRE also incorporates analytical tools that permit more than querying data. Consequently, many analyses can be conducted within OCHRE itself.

For instructions for downloading the software and accessing The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project's database, click here.

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