A number of photo mosaics using images taken in Jaffa have been produced for the purpose of better understanding the excavations and providing unique views of the photo data. These are available on the Photosynth website. These include photosynths of both current excavation photographs, archival photos from the Kaplan Excavations Publication Initiative, and aerial photographs taken by Sky View for the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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Early Aerial Photos of Jaffa

2007 Aerial View of IAA Salvage Excavations at Port

2008 Balloon Photos of Jaffa (Sky View)

2008 JCHP Visitor’s Center Excavations

2008 Train Station (by Amnon Bar-Or, TAU)

2009 Ramesses Gate (Area A--Prior to JCHP Excavations)

2012 Ramesses Gate (Area A, JCHP Excavations), no. 1

2012 Ramesses Gate (Area A, JCHP Excavations), no. 2

2013 Lion Temple (Area A--Prior to JCHP Excavations)



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